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     How to switch Job with 90 Days Notice Period Tech Podcast:

In this Podcast video, I have shown how to switch jobs with 90 days notice period by following few simple strategies.
Follow this entire podcast to understand the simple tips & tricks which can be used to get a Job despite having 90 days of notice period with ease.

    How to overcome Coding Fear - Tech Podcast

In this podcast video, I have explained tips which can help you to overcome the coding fear and face the Interviews confidently.
Does Coding sound scary?? Not anymore. We've got you covered with this below podcast. 

    How to Face Interviews With No Hands on     
         Experience? -Tech Podcast

In this Podcast video, I will discuss the facts about facing interviews with out real time experience.
Feeling nervous to face the interview without hands on experience? 
Will pure learning can help crack the interviews? 
For all the above similar kind of questions, we have got you a podcast which covers all of them.

    4 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes you don't know
     you are making

We might think the interview went well, however we hear a rejection from the HR. What could be the possible reason behind it?
We would have give most of the answers right, however there are a few biggest mistakes which we make in the interview.
A Must watch video to check if you are unknowingly making Interviewers to lose impression on you.

    Live QA Webinar/Chat Session - Rahul Shetty

Agenda of the Discussion:

  • What is new in Selenium 4 version. How can I learn it?
  • Importance of Microservices testing and Its scope in the future
  • Skills needed and action plan to crack Automation Job Interviews in 2022.
  • How to effectively use LinkedIn to get Interview calls from Top companies
  • Upcoming most Important courses from Rahul Shetty and how to get them for FREE

    Live QA Webinar/Chat Session - Rahul Shetty

Agenda of the Discussion :

  • Playwright vs Selenium vs Cypress – Future of UI Automation
  • No More Language Specific Automation roles – Java vs JavaScript vs Python vs C#
  • Toxic Work Culture? How to Move on smartly
  • How to have work life balance with daily Learning? Here are Tips what I follow
  • Doubts Clearing Session / Chat with Rahul Shetty
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