Following is a step by step guide to install TestNG in Eclipse

Installing TestNG in Eclipse

Step 1) Launch Eclipse.
  1. On the menu bar, click Help.
  2. Choose the "Install New Software…" option.

Step 2) In the Eclipse Install dialog box
  1. Enter "" in the Work with box
  2. Click the Add button.

Step 3) In Add repository dialog
  1. Enter "TestNG" in Name Text Field
  2. Click on Add button.

It will search for the entered software.

Step 4)
  1. Select the "TestNG" checkbox
  2. Click on the "Next" button.

Step 5) It will give you a review of Items to be installed. Click on Next.
Step 6)
  1. Select the radio button "I accept the terms of the license agreement"
  2. Click on Finish.

Step 7) If you encounter a Security warning, just click "Install Anyway".
Step 8) Wait for the installation to finish. When Eclipse prompts you for a restart, click "Restart now."
Step 9) After the restart, verify if TestNG was indeed successfully installed. Click Window > Show View > Other.

Then open the Java directory and see if TestNG is included.

This is how we can install TestNG in Eclipse.


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